Friday, February 14, 2014

KILLUSTRATIONS Website Relaunched

KILLUSTRATIONS, the award winning design studio founded and operated by German artist Bjoern Goosses, has relaunched its website. Dip into a world of unique artistry and head over to!

Primarily working in the field of digital compositing, KILLUSTRATIONS uses a variety of techniques to create unique imagery between playful surrealism and colourful morbidity. The interdisciplinary works range from music album and apparel artwork to logotype design, photography and basically everything else in the sphere of graphic art.

KILLUSTRATIONS' client list nowadays reads like a Who's Who of today's metal music scene, including renowned bands, labels and festivals from more than 25 countries. Looking over the rim, KILLUSTRATIONS has furthermore worked with writers, directors, companies and NGOs from various branches and genres. To put it in a nutshell, KILLUSTRATIONS aka Bjoern Goosses lives and breathes graphic art. Hence the maxim: happy designs for happy people.

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