Wednesday, June 29, 2011

THE VERY END - Audio Interview mit Björn Goosses online auf

"Björn Goosses, Sänger der 2004 gegründeten Thrash und Melodic Death Metal Band THE VERY END, sprach mit uns in diesem Phone-Interview über das Anfang des Jahres 2011 erschienene Album Mercy & Misery, die Schwierigkeiten, eine Band zu starten, den Dreh ihres ersten Musikvideos und viele andere spannende Themen! Viel Spaß beim Gucken!" 


Saturday, June 18, 2011

death feast open air - STILLBIRTH Fill Last Slot, New Running Order

"We restructured the running order because of DEVOURMENT's cancellation, and that's why we can give another underground band the possibility to swing the axe: STILLBIRTH from Hagen, Germany, will give you hell!" 

These are the changes to the running order: 
STILLBIRTH on the former BLOODSOAKED slot  
(Thursday, 06/23, 16:15-16:55) 
KATALEPSY on the former DEVOURMENT slot  
(Friday, 06/24, 20:15-21:00) 
BLOODSOAKED on the former KATALEPSY slot  
(Saturday, 06/25, 17:10-17:50) 

The new running order: 

Thursday, 06/23/2011 
23:30-00:45 DISMEMBER (SWE) 
21:15-22:00 EXHUMED (USA) 
20:15-21:00 IMPALED (USA) 
19:15-20:00 BEHEADED (MLT) 
18:15-19:00 CENTURIAN (NL) 
17:10-17:50 DECAYING PURITY (TUR) 
16:15-16:55 STILLBIRTH (GER) 
15:30-16:00 BLASPHEMER (ITA) 
14:45-15:15 KASTRATED (UK) 
14:00-14:30 GOREZONE (GER)
13:15-13:45 DEUS INVERSUS (GER) 

Friday, 06/24/2011 
23:30-00:45 GRAVE (SWE) 
22:15-23:10 PESTILENCE (NL) 
21:15-22:00 VOMITORY (SWE) 
20:15-21:00 KATALEPSY (RUS) 
19:15-20:00 DISAVOWED (NL) 
18:15-19:00 DEPRESSION (GER) 
17:10-17:50 FACEBREAKER (SWE) 
16:15-16:55 PANDEMIA (CZ) 
15:30-16:00 NUCLEAR VOMIT (POL) 
14:45-15:15 PUTRIDITY (ITA) 
14:00-14:30 AMAGORTIS (CH) 
13:15-13:45 PHOBIATIC (GER) 

Saturday, 06/25/2011 
23:30-00:45 MISERY INDEX (USA) 
22:15-23:10 MORGOTH (GER) 
21:15-22:00 VADER (POL) 
20:15-21:00 KRISIUN (BRA) 
19:15-20:00 THE ROTTED (UK) 
18:15-19:00 INHUMATE (FRA) 
17:10-17:50 BLOODSOAKED (USA)
15:30-16:00 DAWN OF DISEASE (GER) 
14:45-15:15 RESISTANCE (BEL) 
14:00-14:30 BY BRUTE FORCE (GER) 
13:15-13:45 PIGHEAD (GER) 

Death Feast Open Air online

HELLFEST 2011 - Live Streams On ARTE Live Web And Facebook

ARTE Live Web is streaming several shows (live or legged) from HELLFEST 2011 in Clisson, France. You can also stream the shows directly on your Facebook profile via the ARTE Live Web app.  

Here's an excerpt from the schedule: 

Saturday, 06/18 
7:55pm SODOM 
9:55pm KREATOR 

Sunday, 06/19 
08:00pm DORO 
10:30pm THERION 

AUTOMATIC SELF DESTRUCT - New Bass Player Announced

Germany's incarnation of violence, AUTOMATIC SELF DESTRUCT, have announced André Saborowski as their new bass player. Following the exited Jörg Much, the new guy currently prepares for the upcoming live shows in autumn 2011. 

bass player André Saborowski 
Pic by 

AUTOMATIC SELF DESTRUCT released their first full length album 'Code Death Mission' in April 2011. The album and ASD merchandise are available at Nuclear Blast Online Shop.   

Friday, June 17, 2011

death feast open air - Ticket Pre-Sale Prolonged

Because of the great demand, the ticket pre-sale for Death Feast Open Air 2011 via the DFOA shop (PayPal) has been prolonged until Monday night (06/20), 10pm. All orders coming in until then can be considered and will be sent out by e-mail.

Death Feast Open Air online

EXUMER Studio Update - The Guitar Sessions

Here's an update on the recording sessions for the new EXUMER album, produced by Waldemar Sorychta (e.g. Sodom, Unleashed, Samael and The Very End). Drummer Matthias Kassner is again reporting from the frontline: 

The Guitar Sessions 

Day 6, 06/14/2011 
Started setting up and miking the guitar stuff. We tried different amps to see which sound is best for the record: 
Engl Invader 150 
Engl Ritchie Blackmore Signature 
Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 

Ended up with Ray's good old Marshall Jimi Hendrix: 28 year old amp from back in the days, which is still the best and that's why we use it for the record - as well as for Rising From The Sea and Possessed By Fire - SAME AMP!!!! 

We also use the matching 4x12" Marshall cabinet from that time, which has been half afloated, but is still working and doing great. Sounding better than the newer version we also gave a chance. Had the golden shot with the first miking-trial - so we used this setup, because the sound was a blast from the first second!! Some test-recordings and we finished the first song at the end of the day. 

Day 7, 06/15/2011 
Recorded 3 tracks. Sound is killer! Drum and guitar mix is really amazing so far, and so is the atmosphere in the studio. I joined the studio in the evening and we fixed some minor things in different parts to make it really special, precise and sounding perfect. Closed the studio doors at 1.30 at night... 

Day 8, 06/16/2011 
Another 3 tracks done without any special occurences. Just a short day because of several different schedules of everybody involved. Almost done, we are going to finish rhythm guitars tomorrow! 

Keep updated on the recording process and see 'The Recording Sessions Blog' at the official EXUMER Facebook page 

HACKNEYED - New Track 'Maculate Conception' Available For Streaming

The brand new HACKNEYED track 'Maculate Conception' is available for streaming at this location. 'Maculate Conception' is taken from the band’s third album and Lifeforce Records debut 'Carnival Cadavre' to be released August 22nd in Europe and August 30th in North America! 

Commented HACKNEYED on their upcoming Lifeforce Records debut: 
“It’s hard to believe. After two years in-between rehearsal room, shows, being on tour and pre-production we finally managed to get our third album ready to launch. It’s named 'Carnival Cadavre' and will be tested in human experiment at the Summer Breeze Festival in Dinkelsbühl on August 19th 2011 for the first time. Once again we produced our album with Corni Bartels at the Weltraum Studios and Björn Goosses (Killustrations) again purified our disc with a stunning artwork. 

We added another fine portion of groove and brutality for you and showed once again what Hackneyed is made of. With our new label Lifeforce Records we found the matching partner and we’re really looking forward to our future cooperation. We’re curious where our journey with the 'Carnival Cadavre' will lead us within the next weeks and months. And perhaps soon it’s also close to you they say: The Circus’ Back in town!!!” 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

HEAVY METAL HOME TV - Neue Folge des Video Magazins online

Eine neue Folge des Online Video Magazins HEAVY METAL HOME TV gibt es jetzt exklusiv auf der HMTV Homepage!  

In Folge 41:  
- auf Tour mit Saxon, Vanderbuyst und Eradicator - 
- Mekong Delta in Lünen - 
- Impressionen vom Evil Horde Metalfest in Essen - 

death feast open air - Signing Sessions At Metal Hammer Booth Announced

Death Feast Open Air and METAL HAMMER have announced the first dates for signing sessions at METAL HAMMER booth on the festival ground. So, write down and stop by! 

Thursday, 06/23/2011 
16:45-17:15 BEHEADED 
18:15-18:45 EXHUMED 
19:45-20:15 DISMEMBER 

Friday, 06/24/2011 
18:15-18:45 VOMITORY 
19:00-19:30 PESTILENCE 
19:45-20:15 GRAVE 
20:15-20:45 FACEBREAKER 

Saturday, 06/25/2011 
16:30-17:00 THE ROTTED 
18:00-18:30 KRISIUN 
18:45-19:15 VADER 
19:00-19:30 KATALEPSY 
19:45-20:15 MISERY INDEX 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ON THE ROAD - The FA Show Preview For June And July

Thursday, 06/23/2011 

@ Matrix, Bochum 
Friday, 07/01/2011 
w/ Arch Enemy, Legion Of Gomorra, Failed Perfection 

@ Turock, Essen 
Friday, 07/01/2011 
w/ Sacred Reich (only German show in 2011!) 

@ DONG Open Air 
Friday, 07/15/2011 
w/ a.o. Iced Earth and Hackneyed 
sold out! 

Friday, 07/15/2011 
w/ a.o. Asphyx, Dew Scented, Accu§er 

Saturday, 07/16/2011 

@ JZ Step, Mönchengladbach 
Saturday, 07/23/2011 
w/ Destitutes, Hatestore, Risen From Ashes 

See all featured events at the FA Facebook page 

KIRCHHOFF SCHLAGWERK presents the Death Feast Open Air signature snare

Kirchhoff Schlagwerk, manufacturer for cutting edge, handcrafted drums from Krefeld, Germany, has created a special snare for this year's Death Feast Open Air! The winner of the "Blastmaster Drum Contest" will be awarded with this design masterpiece that shows the custom options within Kirchhoff's arctic skin series:  

The "Blastmaster Drum Contest" is taking place at Death Feast Open Air (June 23 - 25 in Hünxe) and is presented by DFOA and House of Drums, Bochum. The contest will be hosted by drum animal Nick Barker (Lock Up, Ex-Dimmu Borgir, Ex-Cradle Of Filth)! See details for the contest here.  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

death feast open air - Ticket Pre-Sale Ends This Friday, June 17

Death Feast Open Air will close the ticket shop this Friday, June 17, at 12 p.m.. If you don't have tickets yet, you can order them here for 49,- € (+ 3,- € service charge). 

There will also be tickets available at the box office: 
Day tickets excl. camping 
Thursday, 06/23/2011 - € 25,00 
Friday, 06/24/2011 - € 25,00 
Saturday, 06/25/2011 - € 30,00 

3-day ticket incl. camping 
06/23 - 06/25/2011 - € 60,00 
(+ € 5,00 trash deposit) 

Connect with death feast open air

FINAL DEPRAVITY - Metalfest Germany 2011: Bilder und Bericht auf

Metalfest Germany 2011  
27.-29.05., Dessau 

Ein Auszug des Berichts 

Final Depravity/ Dennis "Blaze" Baron 
Bild: Sarah Fleischer 

Während die Besucher des Metalfest Österreich mit Regen zu kämpfen haben, verbringen die Fans in Dessau eine trockene Nacht mit angenehmen Temperaturen. All denen, die ein wenig über den Durst getrunken haben, wird jedoch keine allzu lange Nachtruhe gewährt, um den Kater aus dem Körper zu vertreiben. Nicht nur, dass der große, gelbe Feuerball die Zelte innerhalb kürzester Zeit zu Brutkästen werden lässt, hindert am Aufholen des nötigen Schlafes. Um Punkt 10:00 Uhr morgens tritt der Spielmannszug Blau-Weiss Roßlau an, um die Metalheads zum Frühshoppen mit Pauken und Trompeten zusammenzutrommeln. Dem Krach nach zu urteilen, der stark an den Kölner Karneval erinnert, begibt sich der Musikverein einmal quer über den Campingplatz, um letztendlich im Zelt auf der 2nd Stage einzukehren. Den Geräuschen nach zu urteilen haben die Metalheads ihren Spaß und so lässt auch ein imposantes und irgendwie amüsantes "Wall Of Death"-Gebrüll nicht lange auf sich warten. 

Final Depravity/ Oliver Hey 
Bild: Sarah Fleischer 

So wach gerüttelt wird die erste Band des Tages FINAL DEPRAVITY von einer ganz netten Menschentraube vor der Main Stage begrüßt. Die jungen Thrash Metaller aus Gelsenkirchen haben allerdings auch einiges zu bieten. Gerade von der Tour mit ONSLAUGHT und SUIDAKRA zurückgekehrt, stecken die vier Jungspunde, von denen sich so mancher Altrocker eine Scheibe abschneiden kann, voller Tatendrang und Motivation. Nicht nur Sänger und Gitarrist Dennis "Blaze" Baron macht am Mikroständer eine gute Figur, obwohl er durch das gleichzeitige Zupfen an seiner Klampfe, was ihn mit einer enormen Leichtigkeit von den Fingern geht, nicht sonderlich viel Bewegungsfreiraum hat. Vor der Main Stage bangt und mosht das Publikum ganz ansehnlich. Darüber hinaus sind auch einige Fans mit von der Partie, die FINAL DEPRAVITY lautstark unterstützen. Viele die FINAL DEPRAVITY zuvor noch nicht kannten, werden sich mit Sicherheit den Namen dieser jungen, talentierten Band merken, die bestimmt nicht ihren letzten Festivalauftritt gespielt haben werden. 

Final Depravity/ Alex Voß 
Bild: Sarah Fleischer 

Final Depravity/ Tristan Maiwurm 
Bild: Sarah Fleischer 

Final Depravity 
Bild: Sarah Fleischer 

Mehr Bilder gibt es in der Galerie, den vollständigen Bericht könnt Ihr hier lesen!