Sunday, June 5, 2011

EVIL HORDE Metalfest - The Complete Picture Galleries

'Evil Horde Metalfest' at Zeche Carl, Essen, on May 14 did not only see 11 of the finest bands from the German Ruhr Area, but was also a "clash" of three outstanding photographers in our scene.   

Jörg Müller (, Daniel Horlbogen ( and Jörg Litges ( gave their all to document a special event that may have been the start to re-establish major metal events at the birth place of Ruhr Area metal - the mighty Zeche Carl in Essen!  

Take a look at these excerpts and don't hesitate to follow the links to the full galleries - reposting, sharing and recommending is explicitly requested...
Here we go:

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Browse all galleries at 

Lesung Kumpels in Kutten 

Lesung Till Burgwächter 

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