Monday, October 31, 2011

DOROTA MALEK - Debut album 'Dayphobia' out now

'Dayphobia', the debut album by Austrian vocalist DOROTA MALEK, is now available in digital stores worldwide. Check out the full album stream below and order 'Dayphobia' on e.g. Amazon, iTunes or musicload.

1. One Big Mess  
2. Dead Bird  
3. Vision  
4. Victims (Aren't We All)  
5. Dayphobia  
6. Noora  
7. Mirror  
8. All Against Me 

Dayphobia by Dorota Malek

Friday, October 28, 2011

ENDZEIT Festival 2011 - Pictures online at

This year's edition of ENDZEIT Festival was held at Zeche Carl, Essen, on October 21 and brought a stylistic variety of Ruhr Area metal acts to one of the most famous stages in the German metal scene: SODOMWORTMORDBLACK MESSIAH and HARASAI had the crowd going wild! 

Pictures from that night are now online. See some excerpts below and browse the full galleries at





Wednesday, October 26, 2011

EXUMER - Mem von Stein phone interview for Hellcast Metal Podcast online

EXUMER vocalist Mem von Stein was interviewed by Hellcast Metal Podcast's Reaper recently and talked about the new Exumer album and the band's history so far.  

The interview is available for streaming and downloading at Exumer's SoundCloud profile.

The full Hellcast Metal Podcast episode #8 is available at this location. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show - new episode available for streaming

The latest episode of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show hosted by DJ Valkyrie is now available for streaming. The show on October 21 featured interviews with Germany's HateDotComBrasil's Dynahead and the radio premiere of the new Harasai track 'Dying Race Domain'. The show was completed by tracks from City Of Treason, Voodoo Terror Tribe, Iced Earth, Communic, Underpain, Masterpiece, Indicator, Devil Driver, Godslave, Necropsya, Distraught, Legion X, HateDotCom, Automatic Self Destruct, Dynahead, Night In Gales and Zilla. 

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: Fridays 12pm - 3pm Eastern Time 

Don't miss this show and get your full dose of METAL on 

Friday, October 21, 2011

DOROTA MALEK - New track from upcoming album 'Dayphobia' online

'One Big Mess', the first track from the upcoming debut album 'Dayphobia' by Austrian vocal artist DOROTA MALEK, is now online. 'Dayphobia' is set to be released in digital stores on October 31. You can download 'One Big Mess' for free until October 30. 

The 'Dayphobia' tracklist is as follows: 
1. One Big Mess 
2. Dead Bird 
3. Vision 
4. Victims (aren't we all) 
5. Dayphobia 
6. Noora 
7. Mirror 
8. All Against Me

One Big Mess by Dorota Malek

Thursday, October 20, 2011

HARASAI - New song, new line-up and details on second album

Germany's HARASAI have issued the following statement:

"Hey folks,
we've been a bit stingy with news on HARASAI lately. That's over now!

First of all we're very happy to announce Dennis Baron (FINAL DEPRAVITY) as our new permanent member. We already kicked major ass on stage this year and are now looking forward to a grandiose future as a henceforth complete band. We welcome you, bro!

We will enter the Green Man Studios in Werl and Arnsberg in December / January to record our second album with producer Sebastian Levermann from ORDEN OGAN. The album will be entitled 'Psychotic Kingdom' and will bring you a whole lot of suprises. More heavyiness, more tranquillity, more lyrical depths...

HARASAI 2011 - from left to right: Martin (vox) - Arne (bass)
Nico (drums) - Dennis (guitars) - Yannick (guitars)

As a foretaste of what is to come, we have recorded the new track "Dying Race Domain" with Sebastian Levermann (mastered by Dennis Koehne, a.o. SODOM, EXUMER, THE VERY END) and uploaded the song on our Facebook page (free download!) to give you a rough impression of the new material. Enjoy!

We gonna play our last show in 2011 in our home Altenessen at Zeche Carl (Endzeit Festival w/ SODOM, WORTMORD & BLACK MESSIAH) on Friday, October 21.


Dying Race Domain by Harasai

NIGHT IN GALES Reveal Another New Track From 'Five Scars'

NIGHT IN GALES have revealed another new song from their critically acclaimed upcoming album 'Five Scars'. 'Days Of The Mute' is available for streaming at the band's Facebook page and on SoundCloud.

'Five Scars' is set to be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Nov 4, Europe Nov 7 and US Nov 8 on
Lifeforce Records.

'Five Scars' can be pre-ordered at Nuclear Blast,, and iTunes.

Dan Swanö (mixing and mastering engineer) on 'Five Scars':
"Working with Night In Gales was pure bliss for me. The material is very strong due to the fact that it’s been around for quite some time now, and it feels almost like a “Best of” album sometimes, because it’s so solid all the way through.

Working on this album actually ignited a spark in my own writing and I came up with one of the best Death/A.O.R. songs I have ever written, during the mix of this album!! Easily one of the best Melodic Death Metal releases of the year!!" 

Days Of The Mute by Night In Gales

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DEW-SCENTED - News on new album, live dates and Necrodeath guest appearance

DEW-SCENTED 2011 at Brutal Assault Festival, Czech Republic
Germany's DEW-SCENTED have issued the following bunch of news: 

"Greetings Thrashers!

As you will have already noticed by now, things are rather quiet for DEW-SCENTED in the public eye. However, things are actually turbulent and challenging behind closed doors, so we wanted to give you a brief update with what’s going on…

New studio album:
Earlier this year we had decided to stop playing shows (apart from a handful of pre-scheduled summer festivals) until at least spring 2012 in order to re-group and to prepare a next studio album recording session. In fact, that’s what is mainly keeping us busy right now. We are making good progress and are already up to song idea number 8. Some truly killer stuff coming up and quite some surprises along the way too. If all stays according to our masterplan, we would have a new release available by mid of next year!

Live shows:
We are soon to announce our next live dates, starting out April 2012! The first confirmed gig has already come in: We are playing at the comeback edition of the “Queens Of Metal” open air festival, taking place July 19 – 21, 2012 in Steinbach-Langenbach (nearby Suhl), Germany. Other bands already confirmed to appear are Exodus, Powerwolf, Vader, Milking The Goatmachine, Dark Age, Criminal and many more. Check out further details here.

South American Invocation:
At long last, the “Invocation” album will be officially and domestically released in South America in the coming weeks. More details will be announced soon, but we are happy to have finally found good partners down there, also for future releases.

Wacken live compilation:
We are pleased to mention that DEW-SCENTED are part of the “Live At Wacken Open Air 2010” 2-CD compilation album, recently released via Golden Core / ZYX. We’ve got 100% live-versions of the two (!) songs “Arise From Decay” and “Never To Return” from our powerful 2010 Wacken show featured on there alongside bands like Arch Enemy, Anvil, Fear Factory, Unleashed, Lock Up, Orphaned Land, UDO, Voivod, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Rotting Christ and many more. Check out more details here

Necrodeath guest appearance:
DEW-SCENTED’s Leif Jensen is happy to announce that he is featured with some guest vocals on the upcoming “Idiosyncrasy” (Could have been a D-S album title, damn…haha!) album by Italian blackened Thrash Metal legends Necrodeath. Needless to say, this appearance is both an honour and a pleasure! Necrodeath were one of the earliest obscure European thrash bands that Leif discovered when he started to listen to extreme metal and their “Into The Macabre” (1987) and “Fragments Of Insanity” (1989) albums are real classics. Leif first connected with Necrodeath’s drummer Peso when his later band Sadist toured with DEW-SCENTED in 1996 and their paths crossed last time by the end of 2010 when Peso’s Ghostrider (pre-Necrodeath outfit, now re-united) played a show with DEW-SCENTED nearby Milano. Necrodeath’s new album will be released October 25th, 2011 via Scarlet records. Here is a trailer for the release.

Check out more details on the band’s official website.

Want to check out some recent live-shots? Here are some good ones taken at Party.San Open Air by Daniel / Live Frenzy.

OK, guess that’s all for now…we will be back with more details about the upcoming album soon! In the meantime let us hint you on some really good new albums recently released by Havok (“Time Is Up”), Fleshgod Apocalypse (“Agony”) and Warbringer (“Worlds Torn Asunder”). Also, Vektor have their second album (“Outer Isolation”) coming up in November too and first online samples are promising it to be yet another fantastic record! Go check those bands out, they all deserve your attention and support!"

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NIGHT IN GALES - Release Party zum neuen Album 'Five Scars' am 05. November

Pünktlich zur Veröffentlichung des neuen NIGHT IN GALES Albums 'Five Scars' am 04.11. (Lifeforce Records) schmeissen Voerde's finest am 05.11. in der Stockumer Schule in Voerde eine zünftige Release Party:

"Wir möchten euch einladen, das erste Night In Gales Album seit 10 Jahren mit uns zu feiern. Es gibt 40 Liter Freibier, CD's und Merch zu Sonderpreisen, die volle Metaldröhnung aus der Konserve und für jeden Gast ein 'Five Scars' Poster gratis. Der Eintritt ist frei. Wir sehen uns am 05.11. in der Stockumer!"

das neue Album
'Five Scars'
Jetzt erhältlich als Special Pack:
Digipack CD plus T-Shirt
bei Impericon!

Das komplette Album als Stream zum Vorhören gibt es auf

This Neon Grave by Night In Gales

Monday, October 17, 2011

EXUMER - Recording and mixing of new album finished

EXUMER have completed recording and mixing their new album, the first in 24 years, and are now negotiating a deal with various labels worldwide.  

Commented vocalist Mem Von Stein: "The recording and mixing process, which lasted from June to October 2011, has exceeded our timeframe for finishing the album but proved to be necessary in order to satisfy all parties involved. Producer Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Moonspell, Therion etc.) and his production team worked with us on the final mix for nearly 3 months to ensure best results and elevate the recorded material to the next level. 

This was by far the longest recording and mixing process EXUMER has ever been involved with. However, the results are stunning and we could not be happier with the final product. I believe that this album will perfectly bridge the spirit of the 1980s thrash metal records with today's production techniques. We tried to stay true to our style and what it represents in the greater scheme of guitar-driven music, without compromising on using the tools available to make the album sound as powerful as it can be." 

Web music player

Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show - new episode available for streaming

The latest episode of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show hosted by DJ Valkyrie is now available for streaming. The show on October 14 featured an interview with Legion X, the world premiere of Dorota Malek's new single 'One Big Mess' (out on October 17), and tracks by Brainstorm, Crossplane, Angels Of Babylon, City Of Treason, Complex 7, Iced Earth, Forgotten Fable, Five Finger Death Punch, Threat Signal, Gravety, Indicator, Legion X, Slayer, HateDotCom, Nuclear, Hemoptysis, Evile, Diamond Plate, Forbidden, Machine Head, Break.Down, Godsic and Chaos Inc.

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: Fridays 12pm - 3pm Eastern Time on 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

EXILE Festival 2011 - Pictures online at

eternalconcert's EXILE Festival 2011 took place in Herne, Germany, on September 30 and October 1. Pictures by Daniel Horbogen are now online and you can browse the full galleries at



Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NIGHT IN GALES - Jens Basten new ENGL endorser

NIGHT IN GALES guitarist Jens Basten has just become an official endorser for ENGL amps. Using a Powerball II head now, Jens has joined the list of ENGL endorsers like Jeff Loomis, Alexi Laiho, Accept, Kreator, Exodus and "upcoming talents" like Ritchie Blackmore and Steve Morse. 

Commented Jens: "If you wanna play an ENGL amp, you´ll have to get a firearm license first. I got mine now! Thanx to ENGL for this wicked piece of craftmenship and giving me a chance to become a member of the ENGL family!" 

See the complete list of ENGL endorsers at the companies website

'Five Scars', the first NIGHT IN GALES album in ten years, will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on November 4th, in Europe on November 7th and in the US on November 8th via Lifeforce Records

This Neon Grave by Night In Gales

Saturday, October 8, 2011

EXILE Metalnights 2011 - Vier Mal Schwermetall im November in Oberhausen

eternalconcert präsentiert: 
Exile Metalnights 2011 

Die Exile Metalnights 2011 bringen das Beste, was die Ruhrpott-Metalszene zu bieten hat an vier Abenden auf die Bühne des Helvete in Oberhausen! 

Der Eintritt kostet pro Abend schlappe 5 Euro, Tickets im VVK gibt es auf www.eternalconcert.deEinlass ist jeweils um 19.00 Uhr und Beginn um 19.30 Uhr. Nach den Shows gibt's noch Metal aus der Konserve bis die Sonne aufgeht! 

Hier das Billing der einzelnen Tage: 

Freitag, 11.11.2011 

Samstag, 12.11.2011 

Freitag, 18.11.2011 

Samstag, 19.11.2011 
(feat. Bobby Schottkowski, Ex-Sodom) 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

HEAVY METAL HOME TV - Folge 44 des Video Magazins online

Eine neue Folge des Online Video Magazins HEAVY METAL HOME TV gibt es jetzt exklusiv auf 

HMHTV Folge 44: Zu sehen gibt es Berichte vom STEEL MEETS STEEL Openair in Castrop-Rauxel (mit NEGURA BUNGET), dem METALTAL Teil 3 in Wuppertal, sowie ein Feature über VANDERBUYST in dieser Folge.