Sunday, October 16, 2011

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show - new episode available for streaming

The latest episode of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show hosted by DJ Valkyrie is now available for streaming. The show on October 14 featured an interview with Legion X, the world premiere of Dorota Malek's new single 'One Big Mess' (out on October 17), and tracks by Brainstorm, Crossplane, Angels Of Babylon, City Of Treason, Complex 7, Iced Earth, Forgotten Fable, Five Finger Death Punch, Threat Signal, Gravety, Indicator, Legion X, Slayer, HateDotCom, Nuclear, Hemoptysis, Evile, Diamond Plate, Forbidden, Machine Head, Break.Down, Godsic and Chaos Inc.

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: Fridays 12pm - 3pm Eastern Time on 

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