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EXUMER Launch 3rd Single 'The Weakest Limb' Exclusively Via!

EXUMER are unveiling the third single from Fire & Damnation on AOL's The track can be heard now HERE

'The Weakest Limb' is the latest in a batch of singles to be heard from the album including 'Vermin Of The Sky' on and 'Fire & Damnation' on

Fire & Damnation will be released worldwide via Metal Blade Records on April 6th/9th in Europe and April 10th in North America.

EXUMER have been confirmed to play a series of live shows in South America in May and June, 2012!

The trek will take the band through Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Danish thrash masters ARTILLERY are joining them on the whole tour. This is EXUMER's first appearance in South American in 24 years, where the band last played in Brazil in 1988.

Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: "We have been waiting for this moment for a long, long time! It's a huge milestone in our career to return to Brazil after 24 years, where there are numerous online communities that wholeheartedly embrace EXUMER and where our fans have been loyally following us since our first appearances in the 1980s. There could hardly be a more cult tour package, between EXUMER and ARTILLERY, to hit South America and the timing could not be better for us to return there shortly after the release of our new album."

EXUMER on tour:
05/12 Essen, Germany Zeche Carl - Evil Horde Festival
South American Damnation Tour w/ Artillery:
05/30 Buenos Aires, AR Asbury Club
05/31 Santiago, CL Teatro Teleton w/ Decapitated, Apocalyptica, and Marduk
06/01 Belo Horizonte, BR Music Hall
06/02 São Paulo, BR Hangar 110
06/03 Recife, BR Teatro Mauricio de Nassau
06/04 Porto Alegre, BR Bar Opinião

Check out the Fire & Damnation video trailer:

Connect with EXUMER

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ONSLAUGHT - The Scream For Violence North America 2012 Tour Blog

The Scream For Violence North America 2012 Tour
is sponsored by Wacken Foundation

UK Thrashers ONSLAUGHT have embarked to tour North America for the first time ever: from March 19 to April 8, 2012, the sounds of violence are spread over the U.S. and Canada!

Onslaught are joined by M-PIRE OF EVIL, EVIL DEAD at all West Coast shows and great local supports like e.g. FUELED BY FIRE.

See all tour dates at this location!

To let their fans have a share in the tour, Onslaught will check in from the road daily and the official tour blog is exclusively brought to you by Featured Artists.

This is the story of Scream For Violence North America 2012 - Mr. Nige Rockett has the floor!

DAY 1: God doesn't exist and circle pits rage at first show in Seattle, WA

Well here we are, first time for Onslaught in the US to play some live shows... and to be totally honest: it's been a fucking tough start!

We flew out from London Heathrow on what surely had to be a Wilbur & Orville prototype 'jumbo jet' with no on board entertainment and zero leg space, worst long haul flight I have ever experienced. 11 hours of pure boredom and discomfort courtesy of United Airlines. To quote Jeff: "I was praying to god that the plane would crash just so i could get off the fucking thing, but as he doesn't exist - it didn't." :D

We eventually arrived in Seattle at around 10pm sunday night after a second and equally uncomfortable flight from San Francisco and met up with tour manager Dustin Schoenhofer (drummer for Walls of Jericho). Real cool guy, which is great as he is gonna be our 6th member for the next month. 

M-Pire Of Evil guys are already in town and catching some Z's, something I am unable to do cos of the fucking jet lag kicking in! We hit the diner next door to the hotel for a late night snack only to find they 'dont sell beer... NOOOOOOOOO - Coke it is! Liquid variety I hasten to add.

Sporadic sleep ensues and then it's up and off to the first show at Studio 7 on a very cold and rainy monday afternoon in Seattle. All the backline is here, everything works just fine and soundcheck sounds great. Cool enough venue, cool local crew, typically for me!!

A sad moment for Andy in Seattle...
Performance time comes around all too quickly as we're all still pretty vacant, but the atmosphere is good as we kick off with the obligatory 'Killing Peace'. Rusty is an understatement and things feel a little loose tonight, but nobody seems to notice, its just us  being hyper self critical as always hahaha and the circle pits continue to rage all night long...

There is another first for Onslaught tonight and it is that we perform the track 'Godhead' from the Sounds Of Violence album for the first time live, it works really really well and i think it will now become a permanent addition to the set over the duration of the tour. 

So first show down, no dramas no crisis no tears and we blasted out the cobwebs. Portland here we come for round 2! 

Seattle set list March 19, 2012:

Killing  Peace
Born for War
Let there be Death
Angels of Death
Destroyer of Worlds
The Sound of Violence
Metal Forces
Planting Seeds of Hate
Fight with the Beast
Power from Hell
Thermouclear Devastation of the Planet Earth

Day 2 - Portland, OR: Getting back into the groove

Are we back in the UK??? Fuck, this is just like being at home. It's freezing cold and pouring with rain, totally unexpected and definitely unwanted!

We have a short drive from Seattle to Portland for the next show and the first impressions of the city are great, it looks a beautiful place even in this gloomy weather, somewhere I'd definitely like to see much more of. We arrive at the Hawthorne Theatre around 3pm, it's a cool venue and soundcheck is real good, sounding brutal!

Onslaught, then rehab. That's the spirit!
Promises to be a good show tonight and we are not disappointed. The crowd is right up for it and feeds us some much needed energy as we are still trying to shake off the effects of the jetlag. Performance is much better tonight, we can feel the rhythm coming back!

Got chance to hang out with some fans after the show and have a few beers which was cool, especially with the fucking horror that is facing us in the morning...

Day 3 - Santa Clara, CA:
Losing Taco Bell virginity and looking for Dolly Parton in California

We decided not to take a hotel after the Portland show as we have to be on the road for 6.30am, a friend of our tour manager has kindly offered the band to crash at his ranch to get a few hours sleep before the "11 hour drive" to California.

We arrive at the ranch around 2.30am and now its fucking snowing, jeez can it get any more like home - and can anyone remember the Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Haha! 4 hours sleep and we wake to 4 inches of snow which means the journey will be even tougher and take even longer. It's about 3 hours until we drive clear the snow, passing several smashed cars and trucks along the way. This will probably be one of the weirdest weather days of our lives.

Finally: Onslaught over California!
No sooner than we hit the California border the sun is out and it's 65 / 70 degrees, we've gone from snow and minus temperatures to summer sunshine in a matter of hours, very very bizarre. The scenery changes radically, California looks fantastic!

TACO BELL stop. We lose our Taco Bell virginity on Wednesday lunch time. Obviously heard about it, never tried it. It was great, what else can I say except: bring us some more! It breaks the monotony of this monster of a drive that is now thankfully coming to an end and we arrive in Santa Clara at 6pm ffs. Doors are 'meant' to be at 7pm - I dont think so somehow.

The organisation for this particular show has been a total nightmare with cities and venues being changed no less than 3 times due to venue refurbishments etc., which I'm sure doesn't bode well for a properly promoted show. Anyway, this venue is fucking weird / huge and about as 'un-metal' as you can get.

We're all looking around for Tony Bennett or Dolly Parton to appear, so maybe we should do our Lounge set tonight? But that's another story... The turn out tonight is pretty average for obvious reasons though not a complete disaster by any means, but the crowd is well up for the show and it really is enjoyable. 

The sound in particular was fucking immense and we are dead on our feet. Goodnight all!!

Day 4 - Los Angeles, CA:
Insanity in L.A., but will we ever get round to partying again?

It's real nice to get a decent night's sleep at last, and waking up to the Californian sunshine sure makes for a good start to the day! Then we remember we have a 6 hour drive to Los Angeles. Hhhhmmmnn, where's the time for partying? We could sadly be earning ourselves a good reputation at this point! FUCK THAT!! Surely we can find ourselves some chaos in L.A., the Rock 'n' Roll capital of the world. Can't we?!?

Everything is manic today as usual, me and Sy have a live interview with Jimmy Kabbs on KNAC Radio this afternoon as soon as we arrive in L.A.. Interview goes great and it's real cool to meet everyone down there, the guys have been really fantastic in their support for the show! (Thanks so much guys, very much appreciated.)

We get to the Echoplex venue for 6pm and straight into soundcheck, again the sound is brutal in the extreme. I'm real suprised by the standard of 'in house techs' over here, everyone so far has been a real star and delivered exactly what we're looking for and beyond.

By 7.30pm queues are winding all the way down the street and these guys / ladies are definitely up for some violence. The show really starts to liven up when Evil Dead hit the stage, so we know it's gonna be 666% mental tonight - bring it on!

L.A. does NOT disappoint!! "Fucking Insane" are the words that immediately spring to mind, these guys are relentless without respite thru the first 4 nonstop tracks of our set. There's a great atmosphere and incredible energy in the venue tonight. What a fucking show, everyone is wasted including us, hahaha. We're buzzing right now.

Met up with some old and new friends after the show which is real nice, but it's late on a Thursday night and yet again the chaos fails to transpire as we had hoped for. I'm gonna go back to the hotel and burn the fucking bible just to prove we're not going soft... Rockett out! 

Day 5 - San Diego, CA: 
A special meeting, another great show - and still no party in sight

Today we actually get to stay in bed for a few extra hours, even though I'm still on an adrenaline rush from last night's show. We only have a 90 minute drive to San Diego, so no mad rush. The sun is shining and it's another beautiful day here, this place is definitely taking hold of me in a way I never thought possible. I love the general vibe and feel of L.A., it's a real cool city!

Mic, Rusty Coons and Sy
Dustin, our tour manager, has arranged for us to go visit a friend of his en route to San Diego to have some lunch and to look at some very special motor cycles. I'm sure many of you are aware of the TV programme Sons of Anarchy and what it's all about. Today we have come to meet up with Rusty Coons who is a Hells Angel, owner of Illusion Custom Cycles and a guy who has built machines for the show including the actual machine that Kurt Sutter (Big Otto Delaney) rides.

WOW, it's truly fucking awesome: there's around 20+ bikes here and each and everyone is stunning. It really makes ya wanna get back on 2 wheels once again, although it's totally against my better judgement, haha! Sy seizes the opportunity for an impromptu photo session and really looks the part on Big Otto's machine.

We have a quick spot of lunch at a nearby diner. I'm on a health kick right now, so it's salad all the way for me -  with a few beers. ;) I know, I know, but it's sunny and hot outside... 

It's a 45 minute drive from here to the Jumping Turtle venue, and the scenery is amazing as we travel along the Pacific coast. This is the first day that has offered us even the slightest hint of relaxation.

The Jumping Turtle - San Diego, CA
First impressions of the venue are very mixed. It's a kinda strange set up, but the stage is decent and it appears many legendary bands have played there (so I am informed by one of the locals). Again we strike it rich with a great 'in house tech', we're all ready to rock! This is the last night we have the Evil Dead guys with us, we'll be sad to see them go. They're a real cool band and really great guys, too. Look forward to next time, amigos! 

So once again, showtime comes around, it's fairly busy and there's a hell of a lot of ladies in tonight. It's not far off a 50/50 split, so no complaints there. It's a very different reaction compared to L.A. last night, but we take each show as it comes and on it's own merits. Everyone including us has a great time and the band is getting it's shit together now. We should be just about listenable by the time we hit Washington, D.C., hahaha!

No fucking parties again tonight, what's going on??? Hotel bibles beware, we are the METAL FORCES!!!

Day 6 - Tempe, AZ: Jeff keeps cool in Arizonian heat - and where's the roof?

Here we go again, up and out early at 8am for another monster drive to Tempe, Arizona. 8 hours, so we are told as we reluctantly leave California.

It's really bizarre in the fact that as soon as we hit Arizona the scenery changes radically, almost like another continent not just another U.S. state.  For any of you cartoon freaks out there (like me), this is real 'Roadrunner / Wile E Coyote' territory, speaking of which: when will Wile E actually catch that annoying fucking bird?

Welcome to Arizona!
The unusual red rock formations are quite spectacular and make the early stages of the journey real interesting, but after 8 hours of nothing else to see, it starts to grate a little... 

We have a stop for refuelling and to grab some lunch, as soon as we step out from the air conditioned bus it's like being thrown into a furnace. It's close to 90 degrees out here and Jeff promptly sticks as much of his torso as he can manage into a huge ice container on the forecourt. Cool dude is our Jeff, haha!

No kidding - no fucking roof!!
We arrive at the venue 910 LIVE at around 4pm, kind of out in the middle of nowhere - and there's no fucking roof on the venue?!? WTF??? It's an open air show because of the heat. Noooooo!!

Soundcheck is shocking, everything sounds so bright and thin because of the atmosphere and we just cannot get good guitar tones whatever we try, the onstage monitors are dreadful, too. These things are so crucial for us to play a good show, we really gotta hear stuff very clearly when playing at such tempos. 

Unfortunately the heat does not subside and the problems remain at show time, which kinda takes the edge off of things for me, especially when other technical problems begin occurring too. 

The show is all just a blur to me as I'm fighting with shit all the way through the set. My one lasting memory of this show though will be a real young lad probably only around 10 years old, stood on the barriers and really going for it. So fuckin' cool!!! Rockett out...

Check out this audio interview with Sy Keeler, conducted by The Age Of Metal:

Day 7 - El Paso, TX: 
"Children of God pure fucking evil!!!" - Onslaught enter Texas

8am, another beautiful sunny Sunday morning, up and at it again! 

These mighty journeys are now becoming the norm and anything under 5 hours we consider to be a mini day trip, hahaha. Unfortunately today is another long haul as we head for El Paso in the Lone Star state of Texas. I'm really looking forward to these shows, you always build up pre-conceptions of cities / countries before you visit, and Texas conjures up all kinds of interesting images for me. Cowboys / oil fields / TV shows / infamous border towns and of course Pantera, all kinda cool stuff.

Not very convincing: the Hitler mannikin
at The Thing? museum in Arizona
We take a stop for fuel and food after several hours of travel at the famous The Thing? roadside attraction in Dragoon, Arizona. There is a huge kind of tourist shop here selling everything that is Texas, and of course there is The Thing? museum! 

$1 entry fee, ya just gotta be inquisitive and take a look! A museum sure don't come any more basic than this, but the things on display are quite fantastic. 

Stagecoaches like you've seen in the old Western movies / cars so old and primitive that they probably actually pulled the stagecoaches / a Rolls Royce that belonged Adolf Hitler, which contains a not very convincing Adolf mannikin :) / muskets & rifles dating back hundreds of years - and finally I guess what is the main attraction: the Thing itself!

The corpses of a partially decayed woman and her baby in a coffin, freaky shit. If you are ever randomly passing this way ya must drop in and take a look, it's the best dollar you will ever spend!

En route the scenery rarely changes once we cross the state line, again it's quite different to Arizona in terms of landscape. We have small mountain ranges flanking us either side and this just goes on and on and on with no habitation to be seen. It's lucky for us that the bus has WiFi and we are able to occupy ourselves in times of such mega boredom.

After a few more hours drive we finally reach El Paso and to our right is Juarez, Mexico literally metres away as we drive along the Rio Grande (which really isn't so grand, Jeff said he could piss a bigger river, haha). What an amazing visible contrast between the 2 countries!! 

The lights of Juarez, Mexico
The venue is a stones throw away from Mexico and as darkness descends the lights of the vast Juarez city look stunning, sprawling as far as the eye can see. It's meeting day for the local bike gang at the House of Rock venue and there are some real cool machines parked up outside.

Soundcheck goes pretty smooth in front of a large audience of biker dudes who offer a great round of applause at the end of Destroyer of Worlds

Only one local support tonight which is cool, because it's not great to finish late on a Sunday. The crowd is good tonight and very much up for some thrashing, it appears several of our Mexican brothers have crossed over for the show which is real nice to see!!

Real enjoyable show goes off with out a hitch, Godhead is getting stronger every time we play it, and the Americans always enjoy Sy's banter about the amount of weird religious cults in the country. "Children of God pure fucking evil!!! Sucht Autoren Und Fotografen Zur Teamvergrößerung - Metal, Rock und Gothic Magazin

Mitarbeiter gesucht!

Du hast Interesse, unser Team zu vergrößern? Wir sind ständig auf der Suche nach zuverlässigen Autoren und Fotografen im Metal-, Rock- und Gothicbereich.

Solltest du Interesse haben, bei uns mitzuwirken, schreibe eine Mail an

Wir freuen uns auf dich!

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KILLUSTRATIONS - Cover Artwork For Canadians TITAN'S EVE Released

KILLUSTRATIONS, the German design studio founded and operated by artist Björn Goosses, created the cover artwork for the forthcoming album 'Life Apocalypse' by TITAN'S EVE from Vancouver, Canada.

Killustrations is known for digital graphic designs for clients like e.g. DEW-SCENTED, NERVECELL, MOTORJESUS, HACKNEYED, THE VERY END and NIGHT IN GALES.

Titan's Eve are currently recording their second album 'Life Apocalypse'. The follow-up to their 2011 album 'The Divine Equal' is scheduled for a 2012 release.


EXUMER Launch 2nd Single “Vermin Of The Sky” Via Metal Hammer Germany

German Thrashers EXUMER are all set for the release of their long awaited comeback album Fire & Damnation!

Metal Hammer Germany is now exclusively premiering the second single 'Vermin Of The Sky'. Surf over to and stream the song HERE!

Comments EXUMER singer Mem V. Stein: "Vermin of the Sky is a perfect example of how we maintained a very 1980s song writing approach, incorporating catchy hooks and a memorable breakdown that is reminiscent of our work from the 80s.

I tried to use strong imagery throughout the record and this track is inspired by the consequences of last year´s earthquake and subsequent tsunami that almost caused a complete fall-out at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. The Vermin of the Sky refers to the radiation and other airborne dangers that we are exposed to, not only in emergency zones, but also in our daily lives."

Fire & Damnation is set to be unleashed April 6 Germany / Austria / Switzerland, April 9 Rest of Europe, April 10 North America via Metal Blade RecordsFire & Damnation will be released as a limited Digipak-CD including three bonus tracks as well as on vinyl. Get the free download of the Fire & Damnation title track, see the album trailer and pre-order the album at this location!

EXUMER are: Matthias Kassner - Drums, H.K. - Guitars, 
Mem V. Stein - Vocals, Ray Mensh - Guitars, T. Schiavo - Bass

EXUMER recorded their first new album in 25 years with renowned producer Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc., Therion, Sodom, Moonspell, etc.) at the helm. The 10-track strong, hard-hitting CD Fire & Damnation combines a punishing production with aggressive song writing. EXUMER manages to capture the intensity and feel of the 1980s thrash metal gems and yet sound up to date on their latest output.

Fire & Damnation will catapult EXUMER back in the forefront of the international music markets and the following live assaults in 2012; will only further cement the band’s cult status among the ranks of classic thrash metal acts in the world!

Tom Angelripper of SODOM loves the album and comments “This is how “real” thrash is meant to sound. The production is flawless and crystal clear. I'd dare to say that I like this album even better than their older material and think it’s more innovative, even though I am deeply rooted in the old school. I am really surprised! It reminds me a lot of DESTRUCTION and EXODUS, but they've managed to create their own unique style. Thumbs up to you, gents!”

Tracklisting Fire & Damnation:
01. Fire & Damnation
02. Vermin Of The Sky
03. The Weakest Limb
04. A New Morality
05. Waking The Fire
06. Fallen Saint
07. Crushing Point
08. Devil Chaser
09. I Dare You
10. Tribal Furies
11. Destructive Solution (bonus livetrack)
12. A Mortal In Black (bonus livetrack)
13. Xiron Darkstar (bonus livetrack)

Connect with EXUMER

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VOIVOD - Michel Langevin Exhibition Worlds Away To Be Featured At Roadburn


The exhibition Worlds Away – The Art of Michel Langevin will be part of Roadburn Festival 2012.

The exhibition will feature work by VOIVOD drummer and artist Michel 'Away' Langevin, who together with his fellow bandmates is curating the special Au-delà du Réel event this year. 

Gust van Dijk, Home to Contemporary Art, will host the exhibition. The gallery is located just around the corner and up the street from the 013 and Patronaat venues. 

Michel 'Away' Langevin (48) was born under the sign of Gemini, which seems apt for someone who is consistently described as down to earth but whose art is revered for being so far out. As the drummer and founding member of the mighty Voivod, he began touring the globe in the mid-'80s and hasn’t stopped yet. As an artist, he likes nothing more than to retire to his studio in splendid isolation to create with his pencils, inks and computer. These contradictions are alive and well in his art, where ancient history collides with the future, aliens meet archetypes, and insects share a tender embrace against a backdrop of warheads. 

Growing up in Kenogami, a small town north of Montreal, the din of nearby factories and news reports of nuclear proliferation fed Michel’s anxiety and dystopian visions. Initially, music and art offered an escape; later, they became an outlet. Michel credits myriad publications, films and music with influencing his art and providing inspiration, such as Philippe Druillet (Metal Hurlant), whose mutant warriors in Urm le Fou sowed the seeds of imagination for the Voivod character. 

Scenes from films that impressed him at a young age would weave their way into his artwork: once the stuff of nightmares, he enlisted the giant arachnid from The Incredible Shrinking Man to tow a carnival trailer on Angel Rat, Voivod’s sixth album. Rodney Matthews’ cover art for NAZARETH’s No Mean City made an indelible impression but it was the prog band MAGMA that provided Michel with the template for the first Voivod shirts. The one-time chemistry student is a true alchemist at heart. 

Those spidery lines, those imploring stares, the astronomical symbols, the phantasmagoric landscapes, the alien nations, and the alienation itself: you can tell Michel’s work from a million light years away. 

Worlds Away – The Art of Michel Langevin 
April 12th to May 6th 
Gust van Dijk, Home to Contemporary Art 
Tivolistraat 22, 5017 HP Tilburg 
Open: 3pm to 9pm during Roadburn (April 12th to 15th) and otherwise by appointment. 

Acts now confirmed for Voivod's Au-delà du Réel event include (in alphabetical, not official running order): AGALLOCH, BLACK TUSK, CONAN, DANAVA, DOOM, d.USK/diSEMBOWELMENT, FARFLUNG, KILLING JOKE, KONG, NACHTMYSTIUM, OM, ULVER, VALIENT THORR, WITCH and VOIVOD. 

For further Roadburn Festival information and complete lineup details visit

Thursday, March 8, 2012

THE METEORS - Pure Evil Live Tour Am 10. März In Der Zeche Carl, Essen

Pure Evil Live Tour 2012
Support: The Minestompers 

Samstag, 10. März - 20.00 Uhr
Zeche Carl, Essen

Mit The Meteors sind die Kings of Psychobilly zurück in Essen. Psychobilly? Wie will man diesen Sound beschreiben? Vielleicht so: Elvis und Motörhead zeugen ein Kind, es heisst Psychobilly und die Ramones sind Patenonkel. Rockabilly auf Speed sozusagen.
Kontrabass-Sound, vorangetrieben von der Aggression des Punks.

Seit Ende der 70er Jahre verpassen The Meteors dem trägen Rockabilly-Sound eine kräftige Portion Punk. Bis heute bezeichnen sie sich als Könige dieses Genres, zuletzt bewiesen mit ihrem 2009 erschienenen Album 'Helltrain Rollin'.

Lasst euch durch die Jungs auf Betriebstemperatur bringen und feiert im Anschluss noch ordentlich weiter: die GRUBENRAUSCH Party verspricht ein rauschhaftes Erlebnis für alle Freunde des Alternative Rocks, Punkrocks und Metal! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

NORD OPEN AIR 2012 - 27./28. Juli In Essen Mit Topacts AGNOSTIC FRONT Und SODOM

Am 27. und 28. Juli findet in Essen die dritte Auflage des NORD OPEN AIR Festivals statt.

Bisher bestätigte Bands:

Freitag, 27. Juli

Samstag, 28. Juli

Das Ganze ist UMSONST & DRAUSSEN, und geht Freitag und Samstag ab 14 Uhr los - SEE YA IN HELL! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR - 2010 Festival Video Documentary Online

The 2010 DEATH FEAST OPEN AIR festival video documentary is now available on YouTube.

Filmed by HEAVY METAL HOME TV and originally produced for a DVD release, the documentary features almost two hours of live performances, interviews and festival impressions. Due to licencing and monetary issues, the DVD plans had to be abandoned.

Check out the testimony of death metal madness in Germany below, and surf over to HMHTV for episodes of the online video magazine.

Featured Performances:

- As You Drown
- Abysmal Torment
- Derranged
- Prostitude Disfigurment
- Leng Tche
- Defeated Sanity
- Hail of Bullets
- Dying Fetus 
- Dying Fetus Oldschool Set
- Kraanium
- Milking the Goat Machine
- Sinister
- Romperpromp
- Carnophage
- Grind Inc.
- Aeon
- Servere Torture
- Waco Jesus
- Lock Up
- Suffocation

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Thorsten Dörting und Jan Wigger 

Die Ex-Helloween-Boys Michael Kiske und Kai Hansen sind wieder ein Paar und bringen ihr Unisonic-Album heraus. Die Schweden von Horisont rocken wie die Wildschweine. Cannibal Corpse servieren eine bekömmliche Schlachtplatte. Die wichtigste Frage aber lautet: Was taugt die neue Overkill?


UNISONIC - "Insgesamt zwar deutlich härter als Place Vendome, aber immer noch im gemäßigten Hard'n-Heavy-Bereich, irgendwo zwischen okayen Queensrÿche und Queen für Arme.

HORISONT - "Die Schweden kopieren Seventies-Hard-Heavy-Psych-Rocker zwar in jeder Hinsicht besser als die Chinesen deutsche Autos, aber hier und da fehlt dem Songwriting die Dringlichkeit, die, oje, Seele..."

OVERKILL - "Overkill - Fucking You Since 1980. Welches Traditionsunternehmen kann schon mit so einem Slogan werben?"

CANNIBAL CORPSE - "...wer hier die späte Hinwendung zu New Age und Ambient [...] erwartet hat, ist schief gewickelt: Auch hier grunzt der Corpsegrinder wie eine plötzlich und unerwartet im Sekundenschlaf abgestochene Wildsau, und dass Drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz ein Tier ist, wissen mittlerweile selbst Amon-Amarth-Kids..."

Die gesamte Kolumne könnt ihr hier lesen.

Timeline For Facebook Band Pages - Tips And Best Practices For Artists

Facebook band page admins can now switch to the new Timeline for Pages design and have an optional 30 day period to curate before Timeline is forcibly pushed to them on March 30th.

While features that have been the holy grail of page design so far simply disappear (like using music apps as landing pages), the new Timeline offers various new features to present and promote artists.

Be it the Timeline cover, a 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your page, the fan-friendly service to send direct, private messages to artists or the Pinned Posts (select to pin one of your best new or old posts to the top left spot of the Timeline feed for seven days at a time) - especially multi-page admins will have to spend a great deal of work in gaining knowledge and preparing their pages for publishing. 

Many people in the music biz have been caught off guard by Facebook's shift (like we here at FA), new possibilities and chances just begin to unfold, tips and Best Practices are posted by the hour. 

We have compiled the most important info on general Timeline for Pages features and the special use for artists to date. You better begin to deal with it right now! Relevant new posts will be added regularly.

Timeline For Pages In General
TechCrunch - How To Use Facebook Timeline For Brand Pages: New Feature Details
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All Facebook - 7 Crucial Things About Timeline For Facebook Pages

Artist Specific
Hypebot - Facebook Announces Major Band Page Changes

RootMusic - Best Practices for Facebook Timeline Pages
ReverbNation - Facebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You
Music Think Tank - Musician's Arsenal: Killer Apps, Tools & Sites - Facebook's Timeline
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