Thursday, March 1, 2012

Timeline For Facebook Band Pages - Tips And Best Practices For Artists

Facebook band page admins can now switch to the new Timeline for Pages design and have an optional 30 day period to curate before Timeline is forcibly pushed to them on March 30th.

While features that have been the holy grail of page design so far simply disappear (like using music apps as landing pages), the new Timeline offers various new features to present and promote artists.

Be it the Timeline cover, a 851 x 315 pixel banner across the top of your page, the fan-friendly service to send direct, private messages to artists or the Pinned Posts (select to pin one of your best new or old posts to the top left spot of the Timeline feed for seven days at a time) - especially multi-page admins will have to spend a great deal of work in gaining knowledge and preparing their pages for publishing. 

Many people in the music biz have been caught off guard by Facebook's shift (like we here at FA), new possibilities and chances just begin to unfold, tips and Best Practices are posted by the hour. 

We have compiled the most important info on general Timeline for Pages features and the special use for artists to date. You better begin to deal with it right now! Relevant new posts will be added regularly.

Timeline For Pages In General
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Artist Specific
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