Thursday, June 9, 2011

death feast open air - BLASPHEMER to replace SEPTYCAL GORGE, DEVOURMENT forced to cancel

SEPTYCAL GORGE had to cancel their performance at DFOA 2011 for occupational reasons. BLASPHEMER from Italy are going to replace them on the same slot (Thursday, 06/23/2011, 15:30-16:00)! 

DEVOURMENT withdrew from DFOA 2011 yesterday. Commented vocalist Mike Majewski: "Devourment's cancellation of the Deathfeast show was due to several unexpected circumstances that really forced us to cancel. In all of our years as a band, we have very rarely had to cancel a show we had booked. It was a last resort and I want to stress that it is of no fault to the promoters of Deathfeast, nor a lack of passion to play on our part. It's unfortunate but, provided they ask us back, we will definitely be back for future Deathfeast festivals." A replacement for the band has not been announced yet. 

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