Friday, June 17, 2011

EXUMER Studio Update - The Guitar Sessions

Here's an update on the recording sessions for the new EXUMER album, produced by Waldemar Sorychta (e.g. Sodom, Unleashed, Samael and The Very End). Drummer Matthias Kassner is again reporting from the frontline: 

The Guitar Sessions 

Day 6, 06/14/2011 
Started setting up and miking the guitar stuff. We tried different amps to see which sound is best for the record: 
Engl Invader 150 
Engl Ritchie Blackmore Signature 
Peavey Vypyr Tube 120 

Ended up with Ray's good old Marshall Jimi Hendrix: 28 year old amp from back in the days, which is still the best and that's why we use it for the record - as well as for Rising From The Sea and Possessed By Fire - SAME AMP!!!! 

We also use the matching 4x12" Marshall cabinet from that time, which has been half afloated, but is still working and doing great. Sounding better than the newer version we also gave a chance. Had the golden shot with the first miking-trial - so we used this setup, because the sound was a blast from the first second!! Some test-recordings and we finished the first song at the end of the day. 

Day 7, 06/15/2011 
Recorded 3 tracks. Sound is killer! Drum and guitar mix is really amazing so far, and so is the atmosphere in the studio. I joined the studio in the evening and we fixed some minor things in different parts to make it really special, precise and sounding perfect. Closed the studio doors at 1.30 at night... 

Day 8, 06/16/2011 
Another 3 tracks done without any special occurences. Just a short day because of several different schedules of everybody involved. Almost done, we are going to finish rhythm guitars tomorrow! 

Keep updated on the recording process and see 'The Recording Sessions Blog' at the official EXUMER Facebook page 

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