Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mandatory New Year's Resolutions For Facebook Promotion

By Featured Artists

To whom it may concern, repeat after me:

- I will not write posts in capital letters only!

- I will thoroughly spell check each post before it goes public!
- I will make sure to not post broken links!
- I will not post my shit on anybody’s private profile!
- I will not like my own posts!
- I will not invite people to my event that live more than 100km away from it!
- I will take the effort to make according lists for invitations!
- I will not elevate a stupid voting as an event!

- I will not tag people on pictures they have nothing to do with!
- I will not send out mass mailings!
- I will not send just a link to whatever in a message!
- I will not add people that have nothing to do with my genre!
- I will not add anybody to a group unasked!

Now take a deep breath for the grand finale:
- I will do my very best to learn how to really serve my band well and to not just annoy my Facebook friends by being an ignorant pain in the ass!!

- To do so, I will study websites like Hypebot closely and regularly and I will subscribe to newsletters by e.g. Brian Thompson and Michael Brandvold Marketing!

Happy New Year out there, everybody!

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