Wednesday, July 27, 2011

News: Dennis Baron quits Deus Inversus

News: Dennis Baron quits Deus Inversus  

Guitarist Dennis "Blaze" Baron has left Deus Inversus due to time reasons: "I have to take care of my professional future more than it could be possible recently, and because I'm also working on the second Final Depravity album currently, I unfortunately don't have any other choice than to leave Deus Inversus. This is even more regrettable from a personal point of view, because I'm friends with the other band members and we always had a great time on and off stage." 

Commented vocalist and bassist Dmitriy Levin
"We wish Dennis the best of luck and thank him for his support in the last three years! As much as we would have liked to continue with him, we're now looking forward to welcoming his successor in our circle." 

So, Deus Inversus don't want to go on as a trio and because material for the third album is in the making, they're looking for a new and versed guitarist. 

You'll get an impression on the band's Facebook page and please send an e-mail to for details. Of course, a certain willingness to sell your soul to Satan wouldn't harm your future in Deus Inversus... 

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