Saturday, September 21, 2013

KREATOR’s Mille Petrozza On Dying Alive, Melody And Brutality - A Special Report

By Maria Nayef for

After thirty years and thirteen studio albums,
KREATOR is currently enjoying a career high. Having taken their tour showcasing the songs from last year’s acclaimed record Phantom Antichrist across Europe, they are still heating up the festival circuit before heading to China as well as North and South America.
They also have a new live CD/DVD called Dying Alive that recently had a royal-like premier at Germany’s historic Lichtburg cinema in Essen, before landing in the top 10 of the German charts upon its release. All befitting for a band that sits on the throne of Teutonic thrash metal.

Boasting a staggering selection of hits from Kreator’s extensive and influential career, Dying Alive was recorded during the last show of their European tour last December in Oberhausen. Despite being show number 45 of the tour, you won’t see any signs of fatigue from these thrash veterans, who execute each song with exceptional proficiency and intensity.

On stage, frontman Mille Petrozza is fierce. An embodiment of sheer aggression, his harsh riffs fuelled by lyrics vehemently expressing his rage at the atrocities and hardships plaguing humanity while standing before the ghastly figure of the Phantom Antichrist; a metaphor for that which manipulates the masses and steals their souls. It’s a very Orwellian view of a world where what was once considered fiction has become a grim reality.

Speaking from his home in Essen, Petrozza says he’s still feeling fresh despite a bevy of press calls. There’s contentment in his voice, one that stems from an evident and deep respect for metal and Kreator fans.

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