Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIGMETALWORLD - Compilation Album "Volume Three: The Hell Road" For Free Downloading

DIGMETALWORLD has released its third compilation album called "Volume Three: The Hell Road". This compilation album contains 15 metal bands from different countries such as Chile, Brazil, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, Sweden and United States.  

"Volume Three: The Hell Road" features brand new material from the bands CAGE, LEFUTRAY, TRAYCE, DYNAHEAD, SACRAMENTO, DESECRATED SPHERE, WARCHEST, RATZINGER and special guests such as SACRED OATH, INNER SACTVM, FROM NOWHERE and former Metal Church singer RONNY MUNROE, plus bonus tracks. 

The complete list of tracks reads as follows in alphabetic order: 

1. CAGE - Bloodsteel (US)
2. DESECRATED SPHERE - Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis Sanctum Officium (BR)
3. DYNAHEAD - Eventide (BR)
4. FROM NOWHERE - Right To Die (ES)
5. ICONOCLAST - Naqoyqatsi (Asi Hablo Zarathustra) (CL)
6. INNER SACTVM - Waking The Dead (UY)
7. LEFUTRAY - Agreement of Suffering (CL)
8. LIVIN GARDEN - Don't Blame (BR)
9. OBSCENE - The Convolution Day (unreleased track) (CL)
10. RATZINGER - Make Make (CL)
11. RONNY MUNROE - Let Them Feed(US)
12. SACRAMENTO - Die Alone (CL)
13. SACRED OATH - Meet Your Maker(US)
14. TRAYCE - Pay To Price (BR)
15. WARCHEST - Aftershock (CL)

*Bonus Tracks*
EMPIRES OF EDEN - Total Devastation (Feat. Sean Peck) (AU)
ZILLA - Pragmatic Evolution (BR)
NIMROD - Time of Changes (CL)

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  1. Thank you for helping spread the word about "The Hell Road" Lets take a ride on the hell road with the music cranked up as loud as it will go!!