Monday, November 7, 2011

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show - new episodes available for streaming

The latest episodes of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show hosted by DJ Valkyrie are now available for streaming.

The show on October 28 featured an interview with Germany's
AUTOMATIC SELF DESTRUCT and tracks by Brainstorm, Scavanger, Sinner, Almah, Cage, Masterpiece, Blue Felix, Throwdown, Night In Gales, Kataklysm, Automatic Self Destruct, Legion X, Blakk Market, Exumer, Hatesphere, Hate Squad, Fallen Fate, Am I Blood, Testament, The Haunted, Izegrim, Crystal Night, Recrucide, Nightrage and Dead End Finland.

On the occasion of the release of the new NIGHT IN GALES album 'Five Scars', the show on November 4 featured an interview with vocalist Björn Goosses, who also presented a German metal special. Aired tracks came from City Of Treason, The Very End, Desilence, Complex 7, Motorjesus, Mystic Prophecy, Arms To Amen, Night In Gales, Coral De Espitritos, Guerilla, Aardvarks, Sethnefer, Evereve, Fear My Thoughts, Bethlehem, Undertow, Depressive Age, Crack Up and Eternal Dirge.

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: Fridays 12pm - 3pm Eastern Time 

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  1. Thanks for all the support Featured Artists! I hope everyone that checks out the shows enjoys them. We all have the power to make the metal community rule!