Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NIGHT IN GALES - exclusive 'Five Scars' full album stream online at

Night In Gales 'Five Scars'
Album artwork by Killustrations
Finnish KAAOSZINE exclusively presents the full album stream of NIGHT IN GALES' critically acclaimed upcoming album 'Five Scars'.  

The band's first new album in ten years can be heard at this location, the stream is available until November 9.

'Five Scars' is set to be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Nov 4, Europe Nov 7 and North America Nov 8 via Lifeforce Records

A special pack incl. the CD Digipack plus a 2-sided T-Shirt can be pre-ordered at IMPERICON-Webstore

'Five Scars' in the press: 

"Five Scars is a contender for album of the year, for sure, and by far the best comeback in a good while. Night in Gales couldn’t be any more back, and hopefully this time around, they receive the respect they deserve. This is an absolutely essential addition to the musical library of any who have any sense of good taste." 9,5/10 - 

"Their most solid release, which combines the best all the different details that have created the own NIGHT IN GALES´ sound, the most mature, with the best songwritings… Simply, the best album by this German act. They could not have had a better comeback and I must say, years for them have not passed in vain." 9/10 - 
"If you are a fan of the genre, a fan of the band, or both, then do check this album. With the majority of the songs standing much above the average, this release will establish the trademark NIG in the Metal map once again, and will open new opus in their career."
9/10 - 

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