Friday, September 23, 2011

Death Feast Open Air - The DFOA 2010 DVD can be pre-ordered now

The Death Feast Open Air 2010 DVD can be pre-ordered now. Almost 2 hours of playing time, performance clips of e.g. Dying Fetus, Hail Of Bullets, Waco Jesus, Suffocation and Lock Up, fan videos - the whole DFOA 2010 package!  

As an extra bonus, the DVD includes a 30 min. special from DFOA 2011, filmed by Heavy Metal Home TV. The cover artwork comes from Killustrations (a.o. Dew Scented, Hackneyed, Nervecell, The Very End). 

You can pre-order the DFOA 2010 DVD for 15,- € (+ P&P) at the DFOA shopdelivery starts November 1st. 

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