Saturday, December 31, 2011

The FEATURED ARTISTS Most Valuable Top 5 For 2011

Dear readers, friends and partners, 
the 2011 highlights for our artists have certainly been FA's highlights as well.  

You all accompanied us through the year and know what I'm talking about. Thanks for your interest!  
You're invited to read the 2011 round-ups by our artists on this blog and to check out older posts, so instead of a detailed FA recap, I resumed some "Most Valuable" lists for this year. 

Happy New Year to all of you out there. 
Here's to a great 2012! 

These are FA's Top 5 in different categories for the exiting year of 2011: 

Most Valuable Albums  
1. The Very End "Mercy & Misery" 
2. Kataklysm "Heaven's Venom" 
3. Onslaught "Sounds Of Violence" 
4. Electric Light Orchestra "Time" 
5. Bolt Thrower "Those Once Loyal"

Most Valuable Live Shows 
1. Each and every show mixed for FA bands 
2. Metallica at Big 4, Gelsenkirchen (GER) 
3. Slayer at Big 4, Gelsenkirchen (GER) 
4. Kataklysm at Metalfest Germany 
5. Extrabreit at Zeche Carl (GER) 

Most Valuable Drinks
1. Coffee
2. Coke

3. Water
4. Beer
5. Whisky

Most Valuable TV Series
1. Criminal Minds

2. Boston Legal
3. NCIS: Los Angeles
4. Star Trek: The Next Generation
5. Two And A Half Men

Most Valuable Electronics
1. PC
2. Smartphone
3. Mixing Desk
4. CD Player
5. Coffee Machine

Most Valuable Twitterers
1. Michael Brandvold Music Marketing
2. Thorny Bleeder Records
3. Social Media Konzepte
4. Hypebot
5. SoundCloud

Most Valuable Networks
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. SoundCloud
4. ReverbNation
5. YouTube

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