Friday, December 30, 2011

NIGHT IN GALES - 2011 In Review

- 2011 In Review - 

"Night In Gales – wait a minute..." - some reviews of our new album "Five Scars" started like that. For quite a while we ourselves didn´t really consider our "comeback" to happen soon, either. Not that we would have been completety lazy during the last years, but we were at least almost invisible for the public eye. Now it´s more than ten years after our last full length album "Necrodynamic". Enter "Five Scars". 

After "Five Scars" had been mixed & mastered by Melodeath icon Dan Swanö in spring 2011 and a record deal with Lifeforce Records had been inked in summer 2011, our new album has hit the stores about a month ago – and has put Classic Melodic Death Metal back on the map again! The reactions from the press and the fans are overwhelming so far, and we´re surprised, happy and grateful for all those words of praise, rich points and even one or another "Album of the month"-compliment! All within a few weeks!  

So it´s about time to scream out a huge "Thank you!" to Dan Swanö, Darius & Synesthesy Studios, Roger & Studio 141, Stefan & Arne from Lifeforce Records, Sascha & Featured Artists Promotions, our guest cello player Gunnar and everybody else involved in the making of "Five Scars"! 

Not to forget about those of you who, old school style, bought the new album on CD. If you didn´t get your copy of "Five Scars" yet – it´s not too late to come up with some reasonable New Year´s resolutions... 

"Five Scars" has already made its live debut, but we´ll definitely switch to "Super Pursuit Mode" for 2012. Some really promising shows are already marked in our calenders, and we´re pretty damn eager to bring those five scars upon you! 

Along these lines we wish you all a heavy new year - may the five scars be with you! 

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