Saturday, December 31, 2011

BEYOND THE BLAZE Metal Radio Show - Final 2011 Episode Available For Streaming

One of the most important persons for FA to meet in 2011 was and is DJ Valkyrie, the driving force behind the 'Beyond The Blaze' metal radio show.

Thanks for supplying metal heads with this damn cool show and, even more, for being such a supportive partner to our artists.

Looking very much forward to your shows in 2012!

And here it is: t
he final episode of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show, hosted by DJ Valkyrie, in 2011.

The show on December 30 featured an interview with special guest Gabriel Canoro of LIVIN GARDEN and tracks by

BrainstormWidowDynaheadCommunicHibriaThe MFC Dragon Slayer All Star ProjectCypher SeerDead SeasonGodsicHarasaiEvileCrisixLivin GardenThe Very EndTriviumMan Of KinEvil United, DestructionLefutrayNecropsyaSanctorumDiamond PlateFinal DepravityAutomatic Self DestructRecrucideHate Squad and Davidian. 

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: 

Fridays 12pm - 3pm EST / 6pm - 9pm CET 

Don't miss this show and get your full dose of METAL on

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  1. Thank you FA for your words I can honestly say that you are one of most important people I met this year too! Its been a honor to support and get to know your artists also. You have made me feel like one of your artist with all the support you have show me! 'Beyond The Blaze' Has expanded in audience, added new exciting bands to play list, had some awesome interviews all because of you! I look forward to all the awesome stuff 2012 will bring to us all!