Thursday, December 1, 2011

LIFEFORCE RECORDS - Looking For New U.S. Signings

German metal, hardcore and rock label LIFEFORCE RECORDS (home of a.o. Nervecell, Night in Gales, Hackneyed and Nightrage) is looking for unsigned acts from the U.S.: 

"YEAHHHH, you read completely right! We want YOUR BAND or your favourite unsigned band to be signed to Lifeforce Records! 

There are a few simple rules you need to keep in mind if you provide us your suggestions, so please read carefully: 

1. This time we are strictly looking for U.S. bands only
2. If you are a fun project bullshit band (crabcore, vocoders, autotune, silly haircuts, crying about your girlfriend left…) please don’t waste your and our time, we want a real band! 
3. You need to be active touring or able to tour. Best chances have bands with a booking agent in place already and somewhat of a touring history. 
4. Better be good! 
5. Please send links only (preferably Facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation links or links to your electronic press kit), links to downloads or unrequested mp3s are not accepted and will be deleted! 
6. Please make sure their is an appropriate contact info in your mail (name, position in the band) and your band name (yes! we experienced that several times before). 

Ok, that’s pretty much it, so go ahead and mailbomb us with your suggestions to this address and make our ears bleeding!" 

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