Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EXTREMEFEST 2013 - Further Bands Confirmed

"2012 marks the unholy birth of the one and only EXTREMEFEST – the first issue of the festival sated the bloodthirst of thousands of extreme metal fans over the course of three days!

We partied with big names of the scene and sweated in countless circle pits …over 70 bands with a stylistic variety ranging from black, death, thrash, grindcore all the way to modern deathcore sounds decided to drop by. Unbeatable, you say?

Fear not: bands like BEHEMOTH, KATAKLYSM, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, THYRFING, GRAVE, TANKARD, VADER, ENSLAVED and many more will make sure that you’ll get the most brutal party in this solar system at EXTREMEFEST 2013!"

Today the following further bands have been confirmed:

If you dig classic black metal mixed with symphonic elements, you surely will have come across Dutch band CARACH ANGREN! Their sound is often compared to that of early DIMMU BORGIR, and their sombre and majestic songwriting impressed an ever-growing fan base on albums such as Death Came Through A Phantom Ship (2010). CARACH ANGREN recently thrilled with Where The Corpses Sink Forever (2012).

DESCENDING are hailing right from the heart of Greece – Athens! Founded in 2007, these guys indulge in modern death and thrash metal with melodic hooks guaranteed to get you addicted! After the release of their new opus magnum New Death Celebrity early 2013 and a planned tour with Greek comrades SEPTICFLESH, shooting stars DESCENDING will make an appearance at the EXTREMEFEST!

Czech act MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first bands in their home country to belch out extreme sounds in the early 90s. The raw songwriting of their early years has now evolved to balls-out “Dirty Metallic Crust’n’Roll” – an infectious and groovy mixture! The brand new MALIGNANT TUMOUR album Overdose And Overdrive will be released early 2013.

VIBRION can proudly claim to be one of the first death metal acts ever to emerge from Argentina! Quite a while ago these guys relocated to Belgium though to indulge in their hefty brand of raw death and thrash metal. In 2012, the old school brigade unearthed the exhaustive box set The Contagion Decade – and now it’s time for their return on stage (and to the studio)!

KADAVERFICKER means CORPSEFUCKER – quite the subtle band name, right? These Germans have been dealing in death metal and grindcore since the early `90s, or as the band likes to call it: “Nekrokore”! Obviously their lyrics are more in the “City Of The Living Dead” vein than “Pretty Woman”, and after a long hiatus KADAVERFICKER finally returned in 2012 with Exploitation Nekronation!

Watch the latest EXTREMEFEST trailer:

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May 23 - 25, 2013 / Schwarze Heide - Flugplatz Hünxe / Germany

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