Saturday, January 21, 2012

BEYOND THE BLAZE Metal Radio Show - 5th Anniversary Episode Available For Streaming

The latest episode of BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show hosted by DJ Valkyrie is now available for streaming.

The 5th anniversary show on January 20 featured an interview with special guests ARMS TO AMEN and tracks by 
Syren, Tribuzy, Outworld, Livin Garden, Dagoth, Envoid, Dynahead, Painside, Benedictum, Sinbreed, Arms To Amen, Judas Priest, MyGrain, Man Of Kin, Necrosis, Woslom, The Very End, Onslaught, Nuclear, Automatic Self Destruct, Godslave, Legion X, Kintal, Night In Gales and Despise & Conquer.

BEYOND THE BLAZE metal radio show: 
Fridays 12pm - 3pm EST / 6pm - 9pm CET 

Don't miss this show and 
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