Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KREATOR European Tour Finale - Pictures By Daniel Horlbogen Photography

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The schedule of KREATOR’s latest European tour had set Oberhausen in the German Ruhr Area for the grand finale on December 22, 2012 - and the home match for Essen’s thrashers was even more triumphant than already expected.

The accompanying supports FUELED BY FIRE, NILE and MORBID ANGEL had given people a grilling in the sold-out venue, but Kreator topped things off easily and the crowd of approx. 2.500 maniacs just went nuts. 

No doubt about it: Phantom Antichrist, the band’s first release via their new partner Nuclear Blast Records, means another major step forward even for a band already being on top of their game like Kreator are for years now, if not decades.

The pictures by Daniel Horlbogen Photography below will give you a first impression of that night, follow the links to browse the full galleries and make sure to visit Daniel’s Facebook page.

The entire Kreator show has been filmed for a future DVD release, FA will keep you updated on the release date.

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