Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Under The Sign Of Thrash - 1986 Succeeded By 2012?!

By Featured Artists

New albums by almost every major force in the game - all killer. Great returns to the arena of essential, but immersed heroes from the founding time of the genre. Insanely gifted, uncompromising hordes of “next generation” thrashers keeping the spirit alive and the veterans on the go.

2012 could justifiably be regarded as the single most important year for Thrash Metal since the glorious days and albums of 1986.

Even if you should think that’s too far fetched, 2012 will at least remain in the memory of fans as a year of maximum thrash entertainment. That itself is quite something!

Compiling top lists is never too easy. In this case it might even have been easier to point out just five albums that completely sucked over the past year, rather than mentioning only the five particular albums that placed themselves a bit above an armada of great shit.

That’s why you’ll get to see six albums in my personal 2012 Top 5 Thrash Metal Albums list... Let’s go!

Presented with an “honorable mention” are
KREATOR’s Phantom Antichrist and HAVOK’s Point Of No Return. If the latter would have been a full-length album, cards have had to be reshuffled.

5. TESTAMENT - Dark Roots Of Earth

4. FUELED BY FIRE - Plunging Into Darkness
(Originally released 2011, licensed in Europe 2012)

3. OVERKILL - The Electric Age

2. BONDED BY BLOOD - The Aftermath

So that was 4 of 5 and we’re right in the middle of a luxury problem. Until late September, my favorite thrash album of the year had an undisputed claim to the throne - and then LICH KING dropped their bomb. Where do we go from here?

Fuck maths, credit where credit is due! My two Thrash Metal albums 
No. 1 in 2012 (alphabetical order...):

1. EXUMER - Fire & Damnation


1. LICH KING - Born Of The Bomb

Follow the links to connect with the bands, check out the YouTube playlist below feat. an official clip / song of each album and then - go buy 'em all!


  1. Phantom Antichrist is by far the best album !

    1. Testament released best thrash metal album in 2012, this neo-thrash isn't what thrash was all about, Testament recorded it binding modern and oldschool together

    2. So, what was thrash all about and what is what you call "neo-thrash" not about in your opinion?

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  3. You have to hear The Call, by Angelus Apatrida. A top 5 thrash metal album!