Thursday, January 24, 2013

SODOM And EXUMER Drop Out Of Monsterfest Colombia

German / U.S. thrashers SODOM and EXUMER have dropped out of Monsterfest Colombia in Bogotá for breach of contract by the promoter.

The shows were scheduled for Saturday, January 26. See Sodom's statement at this location (Spanish only). Here's Exumer's official statement regarding their cancellation of Monsterfest Colombia:
"To all our Colombian fans and friends:

We wanted to inform you today, with the deepest regret, that we will not be appearing at the Monsterfest show on January 26, 2013 in Bogotá / Colombia!

The promoters of this show approached us last year and asked us if we would like to partake in this epic event. We instantly agreed, without any hesitation, to play at this truly unique event alongside our dear friends from TANKARD and SODOM.

We and the promoters of this show reached an agreement about the conditions for this show that we held up until the very last minute. Unfortunately the promoters did not do the same and not only did they lie to us, but they lied to you, the fans, as well. The promoters sent us everything from fake flight reservations to unverifiable money transfers, making it impossible for us to travel to Colombia while we still heavily promoted this show on the internet.

EXUMER is not responsible for any of this and we want to let you know that we will come and play for you anytime an honest local promoter is willing to take the time and the effort to bring us to Colombia.

Again, we are extremely sorry for all of this, but be assured that the band had nothing to do with the shortcomings of the promoters of Monsterfest, who appear to be liars and swindlers of the worst caliber. We hope that their shameful actions will not cause you any monetary damages, as they have caused us time and effort.

Thank you for all your loyal support over all these years and we will meet hopefully soon! \m/
Mem, Ray, Tony, Matthias and H.K."

An additional personal message to Exumer's fans by vocalist Mem V. Stein can be read here.

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