Thursday, January 31, 2013

HAVOK Present Video For Point Of No Return

U.S. thrashers HAVOK have presented an official video for the title-track of their latest EP, Point Of No Return.

Commented vocalist / guitarist Dave Sanchez: “The lyrics of Point Of No Return are highly interpretable, but the message of the video pretty simple. The world as we know it is a delicate place and we have never had such a high capacity to destroy the human race as we do now.

At some point, our self-made concoction of nuclear/biological weaponry, ancient superstitious beliefs, nationalism, corruption, ignorance, and conflicting ideologies is going to become lethal: on a global scale.

We live in a time like no other and it’s obvious that if we don’t change our behavior, it’s only a matter of time before the world is extinguished at the hand of fanatics. It’s literally within everyone’s power to leave the world a little nicer than we found it. Don’t believe everything you’re told: Think for yourself.”

The video has been directed by Roy Warner, who notes that “working with the guys from Havok was great. They had awesome ideas to start out with and build from; wanting to showcase real life as the concept. It really illustrates the depths of human depravity in the past, present and what we can expect from the future if attitudes don’t change.”

Havok have released the 4-track EP Point Of No Return in May 2012 and are currently composing their third album, the follow-up to Burn (2009) and Time Is Up (2011).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

EXUMER Announces European Live Dates

German / U.S. thrash machine EXUMER confirmed a string of European club shows for March 2013. The band will visit Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, with some additional dates in planning.

Comments vocalist Mem V. Stein: "We were initially scheduled to play a few shows in South and North America, but had some problems with shady promoters in the respective regions.

So, instead of standing idle we decided to return to Europe for some shows and "warm up" for the festival season in the summer."

March 8 - Konzerthaus Schüür, Lucerne (CH)

March 9 - Circolo Colony, Travagliato (I)
Thrash Till Death w/ HELLSTORM & guest

March 15 - K17, Berlin (GER)

March 16 - The Rambler, Eindhoven (NL)
Guests t.b.a.

Check for confirmed and additional dates at!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

THE VERY END Sänger Björn Goosses Im Interview Bei Rock Hard Online

Von Ronny Bittner für Rock Hard Online

THE VERY END haben mit Turn Off The World erneut ein qualitativ hochwertiges Album am Start. Trotz positiver Presse-Resonanzen haben es die Ruhrpöttler im Vergleich zu Newcomern aus dem Ausland eher schwer einen dauerhaften Fußabruck in der Szene zu hinterlassen. Wir klingelten bei Sänger Björn Goosses zur Bestandsaufnahme durch.

Björn, wie sind die bisherigen Reaktionen auf euer neues Album Turn Off The World?

»Recht cool. Natürlich sind die Reaktionen gemischt, so wie es bei THE VERY END immer ist. Das liegt bei unserem Stilmix einfach in der Natur der Sache. Aber der Grundtenor ist wie immer gut bis sehr gut. Wir haben jetzt so um die 80 Reviews gesammelt und es macht größtenteils Spaß die zu lesen.«

Die deutschen Reime im Opener Splinters sorgen hingegen für einige befremdliche Reaktionen (auch im Rock-Hard-Review in Ausgabe 309). War dir das von vornherein bewusst?

»Jein, uns war bewusst, dass die deutschen Reime auffallen werden. Dabei ist das eher aus Zufall entstanden. Wir hatten die deutschen Zeilen beim Songwriting als Platzhalter drin, irgendwie fanden wir das am Ende aber so cool, dass wir es einfach drin gelassen haben.

Uns war klar, dass den Hörern das auffallen wird, aber dass sich so viele Leute daran stören, war uns nicht wirklich bewusst. Wenn die ersten beiden Zeilen auf holländisch oder Latein gewesen wären, wäre es wahrscheinlich nur zehn Prozent der Leute aufgefallen. Wobei die Reaktionen von gleichgültig bis stark positiv und stark negativ schwanken. Ich fand es etwas albern, dass manche Schreiber sich so dran aufgehangen und einen ganzen Punkt in der Wertung abgezogen haben.

Im Endeffekt sind es elf deutsche Worte auf einem ganzen Album. Aber wir nehmen uns so etwas nicht zu Herzen, ganz im Gegenteil: Wir machen auf dem nächsten Album eher einen komplett deutschsprachigen Song, damit die Leute richtig was zu meckern haben.«

Das vollständige Interview (Björn Goosses äußert sich u.a. zu Besetzungswechseln, der Rolle von Produzent Waldemar Sorychta, journalistischen Klischees und der Bevorzugung ausländischer Bands in Deutschland) könnt ihr bei Rock Hard Online lesen.

Friday, January 25, 2013

HATRIOT Debut Album Heroes Of Origin Now Available

HATRIOT, the Bay Area Thrash Metal family business of former Legacy and Exodus vocalist Steve Zetro Souza, has released its debut album Heroes Of Origin today, January 25, via Massacre Records.

The digital download is available on
iTunes (5,- € from Jan 25 - 27).

The CD version is currently available in Europe only, the North American release is set for February 12.

Track listing:
01. Suicide Run
02. Weapons Of Class Destruction
03. Murder American Style
04. Blood Stained Wings
05. The Violent Time Of My Dark Passenger
06. Globicidal
07. And Your Children To Be Damned
08. The Mechanics Of Annihilation
09. Shadows Of The Buried
10. Heroes Of Origin

Produced by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studios
(Testament, Heathen, Exodus a.o.)

Artwork and booklet design by Mark Devito
(Motörhead, Laaz Rockit, Exodus 

Hatriot is:
Steve Zetro Souza – vocals
Kosta Varvatakis – guitars
Miguel Esparza – guitars
Cody Souza – bass
Nick Souza – drums

Thursday, January 24, 2013

SODOM And EXUMER Drop Out Of Monsterfest Colombia

German / U.S. thrashers SODOM and EXUMER have dropped out of Monsterfest Colombia in Bogotá for breach of contract by the promoter.

The shows were scheduled for Saturday, January 26. See Sodom's statement at this location (Spanish only). Here's Exumer's official statement regarding their cancellation of Monsterfest Colombia:
"To all our Colombian fans and friends:

We wanted to inform you today, with the deepest regret, that we will not be appearing at the Monsterfest show on January 26, 2013 in Bogotá / Colombia!

The promoters of this show approached us last year and asked us if we would like to partake in this epic event. We instantly agreed, without any hesitation, to play at this truly unique event alongside our dear friends from TANKARD and SODOM.

We and the promoters of this show reached an agreement about the conditions for this show that we held up until the very last minute. Unfortunately the promoters did not do the same and not only did they lie to us, but they lied to you, the fans, as well. The promoters sent us everything from fake flight reservations to unverifiable money transfers, making it impossible for us to travel to Colombia while we still heavily promoted this show on the internet.

EXUMER is not responsible for any of this and we want to let you know that we will come and play for you anytime an honest local promoter is willing to take the time and the effort to bring us to Colombia.

Again, we are extremely sorry for all of this, but be assured that the band had nothing to do with the shortcomings of the promoters of Monsterfest, who appear to be liars and swindlers of the worst caliber. We hope that their shameful actions will not cause you any monetary damages, as they have caused us time and effort.

Thank you for all your loyal support over all these years and we will meet hopefully soon! \m/
Mem, Ray, Tony, Matthias and H.K."

An additional personal message to Exumer's fans by vocalist Mem V. Stein can be read here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KREATOR European Tour Finale - Pictures By Daniel Horlbogen Photography

By Featured Artists

The schedule of KREATOR’s latest European tour had set Oberhausen in the German Ruhr Area for the grand finale on December 22, 2012 - and the home match for Essen’s thrashers was even more triumphant than already expected.

The accompanying supports FUELED BY FIRE, NILE and MORBID ANGEL had given people a grilling in the sold-out venue, but Kreator topped things off easily and the crowd of approx. 2.500 maniacs just went nuts. 

No doubt about it: Phantom Antichrist, the band’s first release via their new partner Nuclear Blast Records, means another major step forward even for a band already being on top of their game like Kreator are for years now, if not decades.

The pictures by Daniel Horlbogen Photography below will give you a first impression of that night, follow the links to browse the full galleries and make sure to visit Daniel’s Facebook page.

The entire Kreator show has been filmed for a future DVD release, FA will keep you updated on the release date.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MYSTERIA Metalkneipe In Recklinghausen Schließt Ende März

Von Featured Artists

Die Inhaber der MYSTERIA Metalkneipe in Recklinghausen überraschten gestern Metalfans und -bands der Region mit einer höchst bedauerlichen Tatsache: der Schließung dieser Institution Ende März diesen Jahres.

Ob für das Feierabendbier, den gepflegten Vollabschuß am Wochenende oder für zahlreiche Shows von u.a. Diabolic Danceclub, Despise & Conquer, Sabiendas, Final Depravity und The Very End - das Mysteria war über mehr als ein Jahrzehnt unabhängig vom Standort innerhalb Recklinghausens der Anlaufpunkt für Freunde der Rhythmen, bei denen wir alle nicht nur mit müssen, sondern in erster Linie mit wollen.

An Mine und Matthias (stellvertretend für das gesamte Mysteria Team): persönlich und im Namen von FA’s The Very End und Final Depravity einfach nur herzlichen Dank und alles Gute!! \m/

Bevor ihr im Folgenden die Schließungsankündigung im Wortlaut nachlesen könnt, noch der Hinweis auf zwei Veranstaltungen im Mysteria:

Samstag, 16.02. ab 20:00 Uhr
CROSSPLANE Live Unplugged

Das Video zur neuen Single Rollin’ feat. Tom Angelripper (Sodom, Onkel Tom) und Christof Leim (The New Black) könnt ihr unten sehen.

Samstag, 23.03. ab 20:00 Uhr
DIE Abschlußparty! Gong zu den allerletzten Runden, Abriß, Abschiß und alles, was noch reingeht - 

der finale Kracher im Mysteria!

Time to say goodbye – the end of an era!

So Leute, auch die schönste Zeit geht mal zu Ende. Deshalb müssen wir euch heute leider bekannt geben, dass wir nach 13 Jahren, in denen das Mysteria zu einem riesigen Teil unseres Lebens geworden ist, definitiv am 23.3.2013 unsere Tür zum letzten Mal in Recklinghausen für euch öffnen werden.

Wir danken euch ALLEN für die tolle gemeinsame Zeit, 2 Umzüge, 3 Locations, etliche Konzerte und coole Partys. Natürlich allen Metal Heads, die den Weg zu uns gefunden haben, die wir über die Jahre haben kommen UND gehen sehen und allen, die uns tatsächlich über die volle Distanz die Treue gehalten haben!

Uns ist klar geworden, dass der Metal nicht tot (zu kriegen) ist und dass es sich lohnt, gegen alle Widerstände anzukämpfen um dem Metal weiter zu dienen. 13 Jahre Metalkneipe (generell und besonders in RE), das schafft nicht jeder - und darauf sind wir auch ordentlich stolz!

In den 2 Monaten, die uns noch bleiben, wird es an jedem Wochenende eine Menge Specials geben. Am 16.2. werden wir auf jeden Fall noch unseren 13ten Geburtstag mit einer großartigen Unplugged-Liveshow von Crossplane feiern.

Am 23.3. wird es dann DIE Abschlußparty überhaupt geben!

Also nutzt die wenigen Chancen, die euch bleiben, um mit uns zu rocken. Genießt unsere verbleibenden 10 Wochenenden, um nochmals alles zu geben!

Man soll ja niemals „NIE“ sagen und wer weiß, ob man sich nicht doch nochmal wieder sieht und wenn ja, wo, unter welchem Namen und mit welchem Konzept das dann sein wird…

Also sagen wir erstmal – bis dann!

Euer Mysteria Team”

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MORTILLERY Present Artwork For New Album Origin Of Extinction

By Featured Artists

Canadian thrashers MORTILLERY have presented the cover artwork for their upcoming album Origin Of Extinction.

The follow-up to the band’s spectacular debut album Murder Death Kill is set to be unleashed

February 22

Germany, Austria, Switzerland
February 27

Spain, Finland, Sweden, Norway
March 1

Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
March 4

Rest of Europe / World
March 12

USA & Canada.

Why the hell there have to be 5 different release dates spread over three weeks nowadays remains a secret known only to Napalm Records and the record industry in general.

Origin Of Extinction will be available as a limited edition Digipak CD (yes, dear label executives and PR reps all over the world, Digipak is a trademark with no “c” involved) incl. 3 bonus cover tracks of Razor, Anthrax and Angel Witch.

The CD and limited vinyl editions (Toxic Green, Neon Yellow and Black Gatefold Double LP’s incl. the 3 cover tunes and a vinyl bonus track) can be ordered at the Napalm Records webstore.

Origin Of Extinction track listing:

01. Battle March
02. No Way Out
03. Cease To Exist
04. Creature Possessor
05. Seen In Death
06. Feed The Fire
07. The Hunter's Lair
08. F.O.A.D.
09. Maniac
10. Sunday Morning Slasher
11. Evil Invaders (Razor Cover, Digipak & Vinyl Bonus Track)
12. Mad House (Anthrax Cover, Digipak & Vinyl Bonus Track)
13. Angel Witch (Angel Witch Cover, Digipak & Vinyl Bonus Track)
14. I Am Destruction (Exclusive Vinyl Bonus Track)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

NEWSTED Premieres Soldierhead Video On

NEWSTED, the new band of former FLOTSAM & JETSAM / METALLICA / VOIVOD bassist Jason Newsted, has just premiered the video clip for the track Soldierhead, directed by Leon Melas, on

Soldierhead is the opening track of the Metal EP, that has been digitally released via iTunes on January 8. The CD version is available for pre-order at this location and ships January 22. Each copy of the first edition is signed by the man himself.

Newsted, Jason Newsted’s first ever solo band and first musical output since Voivod’s Infini in 2009, also features drummer Jesus Mendez Jr. and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth. Metal! \m/

Saturday, January 12, 2013

SUICIDAL ANGELS - Eternal Domination Re-Release Now In Stores

Eternal Domination, the 2007 debut album of Greek thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS, has been re-released via NoiseArt Records and is now available.

Commented the band: "A lot of people have been asking for our debut album, saying they can’t find it anywhere and it’s true. Some of them have even been victims of fraud by buying a supposedly original copy, and getting some cheap bootleg or imitation of the actual thing.

So we decided it was about time to put it out there again, so people can know the band’s roots and get a more complete image of our evolution so far."

The limited digipak of the album includes a bonus CD with the EP’s Bloodthirsty Humanity & Armies Of Hell and can be ordered here.

Eternal Domination also comes in black, orange and red limited vinyl editions (180 Gram / Gatefold).

Track listing (CD & Vinyl):
1. Quench Your Thirst With Christian Souls
2. Evil Attack
3. The Prophecy
4. Crematory
5. Slaughtering Christianity
6. Sacred Prayers To Expiation
7. Demon's Bloodwrath
8. Armies Of Hell
9. Screams Of Homicide
10. Vomit On The Cross
11. Eternal Darkness

Bonus CD (Bloodthirsty Humanity & Armies Of Hell EP’s, limited digipak only)
1. Destination... Battlefields
2. Hate And Torture
3. Bloodthirsty Humanity
4. Through My Eyes See Your Death
5. The Trail
6. Being Insane
7. Church Unrules
8. Ending... Death
9. Stateless
10. Hate Under Sacrifice
11. Crematory
12. Slaughtering Christianity
13. Armies Of Hell
14. Screams Of Homicide

Friday, January 11, 2013

BANDCAMP Launches Fan Accounts

By Featured Artists

Listening is the new promotion.

Music service BANDCAMP has taken account of one of the most important points for attention in nowadays music marketing - and has introduced its all-new Bandcamp for Fans.

Being one of the leading platforms for direct-to-fan marketing for musicians today and, as we see it here at FA, currently the most interesting and recommendable DIY music store
Bandcamp has been accessible for artists only until now.

Today (Jan 10, 2013) we’re giving fans the ability to showcase their Bandcamp music collections, follow their favorite artists, explore the music of like-minded fans, add items to a wishlist, and more. “

The possibility for fans to discover music, to follow artists and other fans, to share their music collection pages with their friends in combination with being able to buy their favorite music (and physical merch) instantly and directly from the respective artist at the same place most easily, is one more major argument for any musician / band to think about Bandcamp as their “center of commerce”.

Music fans can create an account after the first purchase made through Bandcamp, which makes perfect sense since the new community is meant to be both musical and social experience for consumers and income opportunity for artists.

As the company puts it in their own words: “Bandcamp for fans is a social music discovery system based on the high-friction concept of ownership.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bandcamp, check out an example for an up and running music & merch store by visiting the one of FA’s THE VERY END.

We’re gonna keep an eye on the development of Bandcamp for Fans and will provide you with significant news and updates regularly.